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One of these is that tenants can’t change their gas or electricity provider, and this is simply not the case, as anyone who rents a property and pays their own bills has the right to switch to a cheaper or different energy provider.

In recent years, an increasing number of people are renting, and the quality and range of rented accommodation are better than ever. Renting can also be cheaper than owning, bills are more predictable, and with fewer outgoings, you can actually save more money.

Finding a property to rent

You may be looking at switching home for a number of reasons, maybe you need to be closer to work, or just fancy a change, so it is important to make a list of everything you are looking for a new home. Do you want furnished or unfurnished? Do you need a parking space? How many bedrooms do you need? If there is not anything on the market which ticks all your boxes, speak to your local estate agent, and they will be able to alert you when your dream home is up for rent.

Why you should rent through an agent

Dealing directly with a private landlord can sometimes be daunting, you will have to meet a stranger at a property, and landlords are unregulated and don’t need to be part of a professional trade body or trade association. Letting agents can offer you great peace of mind and security.

Normal checks

When you have found the right home, you should just do some normal checks to make sure it is the right property for you.

  • Checking how well the property has been maintained.
  • Making sure there is enough storage space.
  • Find out if any furniture will be left in the property when you move in.

Beat the crowd

Rented properties can go incredibly fast, so it is best to speak with your local estate agent and get them to let you know when a property is first put up for rent. Try to have your deposit ready, as well as any references from your previous employer and previous landlords.

Set a budget

Your new rented home may be more expensive than your current abode, so it is essential that you budget accordingly. Allow for council tax and the cost of utility bills which you would normally have to pay for. Sit down with your estate agent and ask them if any bills are included in the rent, or if there are any charges for communal areas.

Switching over

If you already have an internet and phone provider, it is easy to swap it over to your new home.  We suggest shopping around beforehand, just to see if you save a little bit of money.

If you are yet to find your perfect home, we have a number of properties for rent in North Devon, and we are also on hand to assist you with your property search and are happy to give you any advice you require.

Image credit: Nicolas Huk under Creative Commons