North Devon Coast

It doesn’t matter if you are viewing a house or flat, it could be your home for the foreseeable future, so be prepared and make a rational assessment of the property. Although you are going to be renting a property rather than buying it, you could still be living there for a long time. It is normal to have an emotional reaction to any property, but this should also be balanced with a rational assessment of the property. You will have your own priorities when it comes down to looking for the perfect home, but this checklist should be a basic guide to making sure you have covered all the basics.

The outside:

  • Does the outside of the property look like it is in good condition?
  • Does the property seem secure? Are there any alarms?
  • Is there a garden? Who is responsible for maintaining it?
  • What is the local area like? Are there bus stops nearby?
  • Are the locks of good quality?

The inside:

  • Is the property in good condition?
  • Are there any repairs which need to be carried out?
  • Is there central heating? Do all the heaters work properly?
  • Is there enough storage space for all your belongings?
  • Are the appliances included? Do they work okay?
  • Is there enough kitchen cupboard and worktop space?
  • Are you allowed to decorate the property?
  • Are any bills included?

Safety checks:

  • Have all appliances had safety checks (PAT tested)?
  • Is there a safety blanket and fire extinguisher in the kitchen?
  • Do the furnishings comply with the latest fire safety regulations (1989 Fire and Furniture Regulations)?
  • Are there carbon monoxide detectors present?
  • Are there enough smoke alarms? Do they work?
  • Is there an easy means of escape in the event of a fire?


  • How much is the rent? And what is included?
  • What other bills are there and what are you liable to pay for?
  • How much of a deposit is required, and are there any conditions for the landlord to deduct money from the deposit?
  • What are the estimated running costs for the property?
  • Can you afford the rent and the running costs?


  • Do you have the furniture to move in or do you to budget to buy more?
  • If anything needs to be repaired, you will have to ask in writing.
  • Double-check the inventory before you move in.
  • Get a copy of the tenancy agreement before you move in, and make sure you understand it.
  • Check and note all meter readings before you move in.


Renting is the perfect way to take that first step into independent living, and is becoming the preferred way for those looking to move out. We have a great range of North Devon rental properties to suit all budgets and preferences.