North Devon Coast

Before you commit to your own slice of heaven, you should understand that there can be some drawbacks as well as the pleasures of living in a historical dwelling.

While many cottages follow a similar layout, they do vary from region to region, depending on what materials were available at the time of construction. For example, in the South of England, you are more likely to find cottages with a thatched roof and timber frames, whereas in the Lake District many cottages are constructed with grey stones and have slate roofs.

Country cottage windows are often smaller or are only on certain sides of the building, where the climate is harsh, and the winters are longer. Because most cottages were originally built by farm labourers, they are usually cosy and quaint.

The thing which draws many in is the sense of history within the walls as well as the characteristics they hold. This is why many choose to purchase a cottage as a second home and rent it out as a holiday home.

The pros:

  • Pretty structures with a sense of history.
  • Stunning features such as beams, ovens, wooden staircases and sometimes a well.
  • A cottage can be fun to decorate and furnish.
  • Because it usually has thick walls, a cottage can be cosy in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Cottages are often in villages where there will be a great sense of community.
  • Due to a growing scarcity, they often hold their price.
  • There is usually a garden, orchard or even several acres of land.

When buying an older property, it is essential that you have a survey carried out. Choosing a building survey will give you a detailed description of the buildings construction and condition. The comprehensive report that you will receive will express extensive advice from the surveyors, as well as any reports on any less serious issues; they will also be able to value the property for you but at an extra cost.

If a cottage has a thatched roof, it is important to think about the maintenance will have to be carried out throughout the year; this is essentially to maximise the life expectancy of the roof.

Getting a thatched roof insured is not as expensive as many people think. Choose a specialist insurer that understands thatched properties, and they will provide a quote based on real risks rather than any assumptions.

There are many wonderful things which come hand in hand with owning a cottage, and we believe in can a rewarding experience. If you are you looking for Devon cottages for sale as an investment opportunity, there are many ways to get the most from the property. It would be best to speak with your estate agent to see what properties are on offer and how to get the most from your investment.