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It has become second nature to fill family and friends in about where you are going and what you are doing. We innocently take a picture and show everyone where we are and who we are with, this has now been become an ingrained part of social experiences, encouraged by peers and even establishments we visit.

Unfortunately, sharing to much information on social media will put you and your belongings at risk. For example, you may be moving into a new home and you can’t help but let everyone know through your social media channels. According to home security experts, there is a risk that potential buglers could access this information and take advantage of your vulnerability; after all, there are two properties too consider during a house move.

It has also become second nature to let everyone know on your social media platforms that you are off on holiday. It is only natural as you are full of excitement and anticipation, and it is hard not to share every detail from arriving at the airport to your last evening away. These risks are obvious and can be potentially severe. It will create an opportunity for much more organised theft, repeat intrusions, and more loss and damage.

Even when the house isn’t left empty, you may still be leaving other household members to face danger. Breaks-ins can have a long-lasting effect on mental health, and if the intruder is armed this can also put their physical well-being at risk.

If you travel often, your home should be fitted with a type of security system, this can include CCTV cameras or burglar alarms. Home security firms view these as essentials for keeping properties safe. Banham, London’s largest security firm have noted that 84% of home intruders are deterred by visible alarm systems. 

No matter how comprehensive your home security, one of the best ways to minimise how vulnerable your property, is to wait until you are home before uploading any information to social media. Take time to consider what criminals can collect from your posts, and keep the details of your home, journey and time frames vague, especially in regards to regular or particularly long trips.

There are some great gadgets online, to help you with your home security. Something we have seen is a fake TV light. This recreates the light that your television makes, so when you leave the house just turn this gadget on and criminals will think someone is home.

The “Electronic Watch Dog” gadget picks up movement and lets out an aggressive barking noise. The closer the intruder gets the more frequent the barking. As getting a dog is a big investment, this will be perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot.

Our tips:

  • Keep your social media sites as private as possible. On Facebook make sure your status updates and photos are set to only to be seen by your Facebook friends.
  • Always lock your doors, garage, shed and windows when leaving the house.
  • If you live on a street, make sure you keep your curtains closed.
  • Install security lights.
  • Keep valuable belongings out of sight.

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