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When summer arrives, many people go away on holiday, so this month isn’t ideal when putting your home on the market, particularly if you have a family home. As well as this, many parents are managing child care costs and keeping their children entertained throughout the summer holidays and are unlikely to bring their children when going to view a home.

As summer finishes and autumn begins, the weather gets milder, but your property can still look incredibly appealing. With no holidays or occasions to battle against, it is usually a good time of year to put your home on the market. When autumn is in full swing, you will need to prepare yourself to move quickly. This will also be an added bonus to prospective buyers as most people will want to be in their new home by Christmas.

As well as seasonal changes, you should be aware of the property market in your area, as this can affect buyers looking to move. According to Rightmove, this year the average house price in the South West in February 2017 was £291,251, and in March it rose to £296,073 which is an increase of 1.4%. Since March 2016, property prices have also increased by 1.3% from £292,251.

Spring seems to be the perfect time to put your home up for sale, and there are many factors which support this. As the weather gets warmer, gardens come into bloom, there is more light, so properties look their best. These are all factors with entwine together to make your home look more appealing to potential buyers.

Don’t be tempted into rushing to sell your home just because of the time of year. You may not be fully committed to selling yet, so give yourself time to really think it through. However, you could also consider a quick house sale to speed up the process. If you are worried about conflicting plans later on in the year.

Spring: Traditionally there are more buyers at this time of year.

Summer: Sellers may miss out on buyers being on holiday and looking after their children.

Autumn: The desire for buying homes returns.

Winter: Interest disappears as Christmas approaches.

Take the time to make your home as presentable as possible, by fixing any issues which could turn a prospective buyer away. When you are ready to make the move, we have some lovely houses for sale in Exmouth.